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Department of Contemporary Sociology
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Department of Contemporary Sociology

IGARASHI Kouichi  ProfessorMaster of Physical Training

Physical education, Coaching, track and field sports, Methodology
Running motion, coaching

ISHIMARU Jun-ichi  ProfessorMaster of Sociology

Sociology、History of Social Thought
Islam, Modernity, Nationalism

KAMADA Mariko  ProfessorMaster of Sociology

Community Social Work Regional Welfare Advocacy
Regional Welfare. Graduation Work. Advocacy Systems.

KANNO Masashi  ProfessorMasters in Law

Legal sociology, Ethnomethodology
Consumer contracts, Citizen-judge system

KIKUCHI Mayumi  Professor

Family sociology, Gerontological sociology , Welfare of elderly people studies
Study of Life Course

FUKUDA Sachio  Professor

Improvement of living conditions for the aged and people with disabilities
Nursing care insurance, community-based support, adult guardianship

YANAGISAWA Takashu  ProfessorMaster of Sociology

Mental health care, clinical sociology
Clinical sociological study of non-assistance and non-methodology

TAKAKI Ryosuke  Associate ProfessorMaster of Sociology

The public political activities
Local autonomy, a movement of local residents

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