Faculty of Nursing | Department of Nursing
ARAI Harumi
Professor / Ph. D. (Health and Welfare)
2014: Professor of Nursing Science, Department of Nursing Nutrition Studies, Graduate School, Tenshi College
2017: Professor, Department of Nursing Science, Faculty of Nursing, Iwaki Meisei University
Major research areas
Fundamental research on schizophrenic patients with cancer
<Research financed with external competitive funds>
  1. Research grant from the Aroma Environment Association of Japan: “Effect of Aromatherapy on Cancer Patients with Sleep Disorder and Algia ”, 2007. Research representative
  2. Research grant from Japan Society of Nursing and Health Care: “Changes in Spiritual Needs and Recovery Process of Cancer Survivors as Found through Their Narratives”, 2009. Research representative
  3. Research grant from the Japan Hospice Palliative Care Foundation: “Resilience of Patients Diagnosed with Recurrent Cancer”, 2009. Research representative
  4. Research grant from the Association End-of-life Clinical Research of Japan: “Confusions and Hopes of Psychiatric Nurses Taking Care of Schizophrenic Patients with Terminal Cancer”, 2010. Research representative
  5. Research grant from the Japanese Psychiatric Nurses Association: “Current Situation and Issues of Palliative Care at Psychiatric Hospitals”, 2011. Research representative
  6. Research grant from the Yuumi Memorial Foundation for Home Health Care: “Current Situation of Home Care Support for Schizophrenic Patients with Cancer”, 2012. Research representative
  7. Research grant from the Aroma Environment Association of Japan: “A Study on Mood Changes in Psychiatric Nurses Working in a Disaster-affected Area after Aromatherapy Massage Treatment”, 2014. Research representative
  8. Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C): “A Longitudinal Study on the Distress Process of Cancer Patients’ Spouses”, 2015-2017. Research representative
  9. Research grant from Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation: “Current Situation and Issues of Palliative Care for Schizophrenic Patients with Cancer: End-of-life Care at Psychiatric Hospitals”, 2017. Research representative