Teaching Staff

Department of Engineering

Department of Engineering

GAO Sande  ProfessorDoctor of Engineering


We conduct research on 3D design (3D-CAD), engineering analysis/calculation/simulation (CAE), numerial control manifacturing(CAM) and industrial robots, based on computer-aided technology, in an effort to design and manufacture household electric appliances, communications equipment, automobiles, trains, aircraft, buildings and other industrial components with complicated free-form surfaces precisely, inexpensively and speedily. We also develop original application software systems for industrial design and interior design.

SHIMIZU Fuminao  Professor

Dielectric material engineering

For development of industrial sectors, it is essential to explore and develop new materials. From the viewpoint of such material development, we endeavor to grow crystals of phase transition substances including new ferroelectrics, and elucidate their properties systematically.

NAKAO Takeshi  ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

Information communications engineering

Research is conducted on communications technology in computer networks. We develop and verify communication protocol, communication encryption technology, and security technology for network servers to improve network reliability. We are also engaged in development of application systems.

FUJIWARA Takayuki  Professor

TAKAHASHI Yositaka  Associate ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

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