Teaching Staff

College of Science and Engineering

Department of Science and Engineering

IWATA Eri  Professor

Animal behavior, nerve physiology, veterinary science

Animals' behavioral patterns are said to be significantly affected by environmental factors. In our laboratory, we are conducting studies on environmental factors, especially focusing on the relationship between social structure and the behavioral expression pattern of individual organisms using fish as our model animals, thus aiming to elucidate the behavioral expression mechanisms of animals.

UMEMURA Kazuyuki  ProfessorDoctor of Science

EBINA Keiichi  Professor

KAWAGUCHI Kiichiro  ProfessorDoctor of Pharmaceutical Science

KIKUCHI Yuji  ProfessorPh.D in Medicine

KIM YONGPIL  Professor

SHIMIZU Fuminao  Professor

NAKATA Yoshiyuki  ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

Physical metallurgy/diffraction crystallography

(1) To investigate into the relevance between metal/alloy microstructure and their physical properties, in particular, the impact of defect structure and regularity turbulence onto phase transition (phase transformation) by using electron microscopes. (2) To determine and analyze X-ray absorption microstructure and electron energy loss microstructure, and elucidate change in local structure and electronic state of specific elements accompanying amorphous crystallization process and phase transition. (3) To predict physical properties and structure of unknown samples and substances that are difficult to determine, by means of band calculation. e.g. prediction of atom displacement accompanying magnetic moment of artificial lattice and displacement-type phase transition.

HAYASHI Masahiko  Professor

FUJIWARA Takayuki  Professor

MATSUMOTO Tsukasa  ProfessorPh. D. (Pharmacy)

MURATA Kazuko  Professor

MURATA Ryo  Professor

YAMAURA Masanori  ProfessorDoctor of Science

Molecular design chemistry

Research is centered around 2 major themes: development of new reactions and synthesis of useful organic compounds. In terms of reaction, new reactions utilizing properties of rare earth elements are actively developed. In addition, we are working on correlation of structural reactivity of natural product synthesis and physiologically active natural products by utilizing such reactions.

TSUNODA Masaru  Associate Professor

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