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Department of Pharmacy
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Department of Pharmacy

YAMAZAKI Yoji  ProfessorPh.D. (Public health)

Clinical medicine
Pediatric surgery, Surgical oncology, Pathophysiology

KAWAGUCHI Kiichiro  ProfessorDoctor of Pharmaceutical Science

Medicinal food pharmaceutical science (Bioactivity of plant flavonoid)
Flavonoid, Autoimmune disease, Metabolic syndrome

KIKUCHI Yuji  ProfessorPh.D in Medicine

Analysis of host-defense mechanism against pathogenic microbes, Study on method of controlling allergy response
Infection immunity, Allergy

UMEMURA Kazuyuki  ProfessorDoctor of Science

Synthesis of bioactive substances
Organic synthetic chemistry, bioactive substances, antibiotics, heteroatomic molecules

EBINA Keiichi  Professor

Analysis, modification, and control of bimolecular functions
Synthetic peptide, oxidation-modified lipid, inflammatory cytokine, function control

KATAGIRI Takuya  Professor

Molecular cell biology
Higher functional (immune system, cranial nerve system) molecular biology, disease proteomics

KIM YONGPIL  Professor

Research on bioactive substances using microbial secondary metabolite
Microbial secondary metabolite, Bioactive substance, Structural analysis

SAKURAI Eiko  Professor

Interaction with environmental and health, Neural science and neuropharmacology, Stress and health
Neural science and neuropharmacology, dietary habit and health, biological pharmacy, environmental pharmacy, medical pharmacy

SATO Tatsumasa  ProfessorMedical doctor

Clinical medicine
Obstetrics and gynecology , Anestheticscience , Emergency medicine

NARA Takeshi  ProfessorPh.D in Medicine

Parasite evolution, Neglected Tropical Deseases, Chagas disease

HAYASHI Masahiko  Professor

Study on molecule targeting therapy
Cancer metastasis, Lymphocyte activation therapy, Regeneration, Cell adhesion, etc.

MATSUMOTO Tsukasa  ProfessorPh. D. (Pharmacy)

Oriental medicine pharmacology
Intestinal immunity, food immunity, bioactive plant polysaccharide

MURATA Kazuko  Professor

ESCRT Proteins, TNF/TNF receptor family , Autoimmune disease, Allergy,

MURATA Ryo  Professor

Drug dosage form design, Pharmacokinetics

YAMAURA Masanori  ProfessorDoctor of Science

Creation of bioactive substances
Synthetics, Natural products, Enzyme inhibitors, Chirality, Structure activity correlation

YAMASAKI Katsuhiro  Professor

Studies on the quality standards and quality assessment of medicinal products; efficient analysis of effective and injurious ingredients contained in natural or Chinese medicine preparations and health foods
Regulatory science

YAMAZAKI Naoki  Professor

Medicinal chemistry
Alkaloid, GPCR ligand, drug discovery

YOSHIKAWA shinichi  ProfessorPh. D. (Pharmacy)

Clinical pharmacy
Generic drugs; stability of medicines

WATANABE Yoshihisa  Specially Approved Visiting ProfessorMaster of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Clinical pharmacy
Management of hospital pharmacy、Clinical study、Dispensing support system

SAKAMOTO Naomichi  Associate ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

Material Engineering
Environment Conscious Materials, Materials Science, Ceramic Material

SUMIYA Kenji  Associate ProfessorPh. D. (Pharmacy)

Medical pharmacy
Hospital preparations; orally disintegrating tablets

TAJIMA Hirohisa  Associate ProfessorPh.D in Medicine

CNS pharmacology, pharmacokinetics
neurodegerative disorders, membrane transport system, neurotransmitters

TSUNODA Masaru  Associate Professor

Structural biology of DNA metabolism
Nucleic acids, Proteins, Crystal structure analyses

NOHARA Yukio  Associate Professor

Analytical chemistry
Clinical chemistry; chemometrics

FUKUCHI Yuji  Associate ProfessorPh. D. (Pharmacy)

Clinical pharmacy
Infection control; chemotherapy; pharmacokinetics

ISHIKAWA Satoshi  LecturerPh. D. (Pharmacy)

protein expression, Organophosphorus hydrolase

FURUKAWA Katsuhiro  LecturerDoctor of Engineering

Health science, Physiotherapy, Kansei Engineering.
The development of exercise therapy and comfortable motion support technology in rehabilitation medicine

YOSHIDA Susumu  Lecturer

Medical pharmacy
Dispensing; hospital preparations; Narco-psychotropic drug control

ETOH tadahiro  Assistant ProfessorPh. D. (Pharmacy)

Exploration of substances inhibiting the transmission of anti-inflammation signals and the clarification of their action mechanisms; exploration of anti-tumor (drug-resistant TRAIL) substances
Cancer; drug resistance; sex steroid hormones; anti-inflammation Toll-like receptors; TRAIL

KUBOTA Koji  Assistant ProfessorPh. D. (Pharmacy)

Skin permeation of medicines, Effects of surfactants for skin
Skin permeability, Surfactant, Analytical chemistry, Biochemistry

SATO Akira  Assistant ProfessorPh. D. (Pharmacy)

Studies on lipids-related diseases
Development of novel drugs for diagnosis and treatment of diseases targeting lipids

NAGATA Takayuki  Assistant ProfessorPh.D in Medicine

Clinical pharmacy
Medical safety

NAKAGAWA Yasuhito  Guest Professor

Lipid Biochemistry
Lipid Biochemistry

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