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Department of Psychology
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Department of Psychology

HAYASHI Yoichi  Professor

life-span developmental psychology
Developmental disorders, Psychological studies on adulthood and senescence

OHARA Takahiro  Professor

Cognitive psychology
Contagious Yawning, Gaze Cognition, Picture Cognition

SUETSUGU Akira  Professor

Experimental psychology
Analysis studies on integration process between somatesthesia (proprioceptor, vestibular organ) and external sense

KUBOTA Noriko  ProfessorPh,D. in Social Science(Michigan State University) MSW M.Ed.

Clinical Psychology
Psychotherapy, Dohsa, Hypnosis, Developmental Disabilities

TOMITA Arata  Professor

Cognitive psychology, applied psychology, clinical psychology
Research on visual attention and pattern recognition,Maneuverability studies of computer input device (joint study), research on campus counseling

YAMAMOTO Yoshiko  ProfessorPh.D. in Literature

Clinical psychology; student counseling
Cognitive function assessment and rehabilitation of mentally and developmentally challenged children and adults; * Clinical psychologists

SATO Taku  Associate ProfessorPh.D. in Literature

Social Psychology, Applied Cognitive Psychology
Communication with the strategic use of deception, Mental control of unwanted thoughts

TAKASHIMA Midori  Associate Professor

perception, experimental psychology
amodal perception, optical illusion

NATORI Hironori  Associate Professor

Developmental psychology; educational psychology
Teaching and motivation; goal contagion

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