Teaching Staff

Department of Science and Engineering
Research Fields
Keywords about research

Course of Environment and Energy

SHIMIZU Fuminao  Professor

Dielectric materials
Computer memory

ISHIKAWA Tetsuo  Specially Approved Visiting Professor

Science teacher training

SAKAMOTO Naomichi  Associate ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

Material Engineering
Environment Conscious Materials, Materials Science, Ceramic Material

Course of Life Science

IWATA Eri  Professor

Ethology, neurophysiology
Neurotransmitter, emotion, social behavior

UMEMURA Kazuyuki  ProfessorDoctor of Science

Synthesis of bioactive substances
Organic synthetic chemistry, bioactive substances, antibiotics, heteroatomic molecules

SASAKI Hideaki  Associate Professor

Phycology, Microbial Physiology
environment, gene expression, evolution,a mode of life

Course of Electronic and Computer Science

TAKAYAMA Fumio  ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

Information engineering
Computer science, fluid dynamics, e-Learning, Microcomputer technology

NAKAO Takeshi  ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

Communications engineering, Information networks
Digital signal processing, Network technology

Course of Mechanical Engineering

NAKATA Yoshiyuki  ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

Microstructural science
Electron microscopy, diffraction crystallography

GAO Sande  ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

CAD/CAE/CAM, Computer Graphics
Car body design, Simulation, Tool software development, Production automation

TAKAHASHI Yositaka  Associate ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

Mechanics , Robotics
Computer simulation , bipedal walking robot

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